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  What happened in the Garden ?
  1. Adam was given the one and only law - 
    don't eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. (GEN 2:17)
  2. Penalty for breaking the law?
    Death (GEN 2:17)
  3. In conversation with Eve, the serpent contradicted God's word, 'you won't die' (GEN 3:4)
  4. Persuaded by the serpent, Eve soon believed the tree was:
    • good for food
    • a delight top the eyes
    • able to make her wise

    Consequently Eve ate the fruit and shared it with her husband.

  The key outcome?
  1. Adam was first confronted by God (Gen 3:9-12) and passed the blame to Eve (v12)
  2. When Eve was confronted, she passed the blame to the serpent (v13)
  3. In turn God condemned the serpent and cursed it (v14)
  4. But God also made a promise about the future - this is called the promise in Eden.
  What's the promise made in Eden?
 Genesis 3:15


The serpent Because he contradicted God's truth, he represented error. The error is so grave that it leads to sin and death. The dual representation is therefore:
1. Error
2. Sin and death
"I'll put enmity between you and the woman." The woman In contrast, having been told by God and Adam, Eve knew the truth. Her behaviour is potentially that which represents God's ways.
"...and between your seed and her seed" Enmity (conflict)
  • The serpent and its offspring are governed by sin, the lust of the flesh. (JOHN 8:44)
  • The woman and her offspring are governed by truth or the word of God. (JOHN 8:47)
  • All people experience this conflict between right and wrong. (ROMANS 7:18-25)
"...he shall bruise your head" he This is Christ.
God promises an offspring from the woman who would destroy the serpents thinking which leads to sin & death.

Christ is the offspring:

"...you shall bruise his heel" you This is the serpent (sin and death) which would have had only a short term impact on Christ (who had a potentially sinful nature 2 COR 5:21; ROM 8:3).
(NOTE - If Christ were to destroy death, he had to be subject to it ACTS 2:24)
  Summary of the promise made in Eden
  1. God proclaimed one law for Adam and Eve in the garden.
  2. Eve, then Adam broke the law.
  3. They both became mortal - having sinned, they would die.
  4. God, being merciful and loving, promised a saviour who with God's help, would overcome sin and death (Christ)
  5. He (Christ) would then be able to provide life for others who endeavour to serve and love God, abiding by truth.

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