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Miracles Unfold

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Tyre - An Example of Prophecy Fulfilled











Ezek 26:2-3



Ezek 26:3-14







To understand this example to help yourself use some of the suggested "keys".

A logical start would be to read the prophet Ezekiel Chapters 26-28. These chapters illustrate details about Tyre and its destruction, the fulfilment of which leave the reader in no doubt of the accuracy of this prophecy.

The city of Tyre was a Phoenician port, situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
When king David reigned in Israel, Tyre was a strong and wealthy city. Hiram then as king was on excellent terms with kings David and Solomon. In fact he supplied Solomon with materials to build God's Temple in Jerusalem.
Eventually Tyre became known as a great trading and sea-faring power.

The city of Tyre was made up of two parts. One on the mainland, the other on an island, just off the coast.

In the year 722 BC, Tyre was attacked by the King of Assyria and later was besieged by another Assyrian King, Esarhaddon.
Finally in 664 Tyre yielded to the Assyrians, & then enjoyed peace & great commercial prosperity for the next 100 years.
It was during this time period that this prophecy about Tyre was written.

Ezekiel the prophet wrote about Tyre's demise when he was a captive in Babylon.

During the time period of Tyre's prosperity, the friendship between them & Israel greatly diminished, so much so that Tyre eventually turned against their old ally & delivered Israel into the hand of the Edomites, and stole silver & gold from Solomon's temple, and sold the Israelites as slaves to the Greeks.

The Wrath of God was ignited.

"Therefore thus saith the lord God, Behold, I am against you O Tyre..."

The prophecy is a detailed declaration of God's judgment against Tyre, simply because of their mistreatment of his holy people Israel. The outworking would span about 265 years.

  • Note some Key events that would happen to Tyre.

v3 Cause many nations to come against thee
v4 Destroy the walls of Tyre & break down the towers

  A Personal Message
II Peter 1:19

Acts 3:17-26

II Peter 1:20-21

There are many, many examples of prophecy in the Bible like this. Some short and simple, others spanning great periods of time, others involved and complicated and some almost unbelievable in their outworking.

I would like to make these conclusions.

  • The precise fulfilment of these prophecies in the past (validated by historians) assures us that the remaining prophetic scriptures will also be fulfilled.
  • Fulfilled prophecy assures us that the Bible is the work of the divine hand, therefore we can be confident that God is in total control.
  • Prophecy enables us to understand the current events of today and be made aware of the urgency of our times.

Please read these scriptures:

Matthew 24:15
I Thessalonians 5:1-4
Romans 13:11

  So what about our Future?
Acts 2:11 The Bible, through prophecy, has purposefully given many signposts to people of all ages.

We, today in the 21st Century, are very privileged to be living at the end of an Age, which will see one of the greatest prophecies fulfilled, that of the return of Jesus Christ to the earth.

For more details about this wonderful time, please look at the "key to the Kingdom"