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What is the Kingdom of God ?

A small selection of some of the many Kingdom Quotes in scripture

Zechariah 14:9

Revelation 20:4; 5:9-10

Malachi 1:11;

Zechariah 14:6

Psalm 72:11

Isaiah 2:4

Isaiah 23:18

Isaiah 9:7

Micah 4:4

Isaiah 65:21-22

Psalm 72:4

Amos 9:13

Isaiah 61:4

Isaiah 2:3; 33:6

Isaiah 11:9; 32:17

Matthew 6:10

Psalm 102:16

Mark 16:16


General summary

Numbers 14:21;

 Luke 2:14



It is a Kingdom that will be established on the earth. The Lord Jesus Christ will its King and he will reign from Jerusalem with justice and peace, (Jeremiah 3:17-18). From Jerusalem will go forth both righteous laws and the teaching of God’s ways. It will be because of the peace, just and righteous reign people will want to go to Jerusalem to worship, (Isaiah 2:2-4).

Even those left of the nations, who fought against Jerusalem and her people, will go from year to year to worship at the Temple of God, (Zechariah 14:6). All wars will cease, nations will be at peace, even the earth will be replenished and bring forth flowers and produce in abundance. Every person will provide for themselves, (Micah 4:3-5; Isaiah 35:1-10).

Why should we be interested in God's Kingdom ?
  Why would we not want to involved with such a time as described above, a time of security and peace. All those who take part in the setting up and building of this Kingdom, under the leadership of Jesus Christ, will be those who have been found faithful to God’s word during their life. Some of these will have lived hundreds of years ago, some today and in between. There will be a resurrection and judgement of all that have had an understanding and knowledge of God. The worthy will be granted immortal life, the unworthy rejected and sent away to die. I know this world cannot offer us eternal life, peace, justice and happiness. To see a world full of God’s glory is a thing to be sought after.
How can we be involved in the Kingdom of God ?
We can all have a part of this Glorious Kingdom. The Gospel record of Mark 16:16 gives the start. “He that believeth and is baptised shall be saved.”

So what are we to believe? Jesus stated very clearly in John 4:23-24 that we must worship God in spirit and TRUTH. Sincerity alone is not enough for God. Where do find Truth? We find it by reading God’s word, by asking questions, by testing the opinions we hear with God’s word. We must prove all things, (1John 4:1-3). When we have established a good understanding, we must be baptised into the saving Name of Jesus Christ. Our lives must then reflect all we know of God to those around us until the Lord returns to the earth to set up the Kingdom of God.