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  Life needs a purpose.
From a personal perspective, life is made up of 'events' that just seem to happen. Some of these events we enjoy and hang on to as treasured memories, graduations, weddings, celebrations.  Other events  we may remember as vividly, but from the perspective of being overwhelmed by the difficulty or tragedy.

Some people meticulously plan their life, and have set goals, and for others, life is an adventurous journey which they will meander through wherever it takes them, and make the most of the opportunities they might find along the way.
Whatever our characteristic, there will be unforeseen circumstances which will challenge us, and we will need to negotiate our way around or through them.

The difference between those who have plans for where they want to be, and those who don't, is that these negotiations can either be course corrections , where the objective is still headed towards, or they can cause a complete change in our life, values and direction.

The secret of success for many that are seen as successful in business or their career, is that they have a goal and constantly evaluate what is required to achieve it.
Entrepreneurs and millionaires are all people of vision, who have a drive to accomplish their goals.

I too have a goal in life, that sees me through the good and hard times, and helps me make the most out of each situation. That goal is to live life in total harmony with God, and my motivation is the incredible love God has shown to me in sacrificing  His son, Jesus, in order to make a harmonious relationship between God & mankind possible.

  God created man for a purpose.
"for the earth shall be filled with the glory of the lord as the waters cover the sea" hab 2:14 God created the earth and all upon it for his glorification (HAB 2:14). He also created mankind with the capacity to comprehend God and his ways (GEN 1:26) in order that mankind might respond to God out of his own freewill. This is the ultimate glory to God.

He did not create mankind as "robots"  programmed to do as he asks, but as creatures of choice, who can choose to serve him and live a life of harmony with their creator and each other. "for a man...is the image & glory of God" (1 COR 11:7).

This harmony was disrupted by mankind's disobedience, which is why God sent His Son to provide a way for mankind to be reconciled to God and be in total harmony with him once more.
  Hope is an anchor for the soul.
It is this time of total harmony, or the Kingdom of God, that provides a direction in life. Paul the Apostle, though he was shipwrecked and imprisoned, looked forward to this time. In fact it was his motivation for pressing on.
"I press on toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God.."

Life is never an easy ride from start to finish, but the future hope makes clinging on worthwhile. 
Paul again said, "we must through much tribulation enter the Kingdom of God."

Without the hope of the Kingdom of God to focus on, we can be overwhelmed by the 'tribulation' or difficult circumstances we find ourselves in. A firm hope for the future puts all this in perspective.

  God's blessings on those who respond.

God does not promise it will be easy, but He is always there, and our hope can never be taken from us.

"neither height nor depth...